Trading Strategies

Phibase has developed highly diversified trading strategies that trade various Forex pairs with different degrees of Correlatation. This enables you to build an excellent portfolio which can reduce risk and maximize potential gains.


Trades Currency Strength Weakness

Strategy gains from strength or weakness of YEN, USD, GBP, EURO and Gold. Risk:Reward of 1:2 with win rate close to 50%


Trades Support Resistance Gaps

Trades price swings between Support and Resistance on M15 time frame. Risk:Reward of 1:1 with win rate close to 60%


Neural Network Algorithm

Trading based on Neural Network algo which predicts the High/Low values of the next H1 bar with win rate of over 60%.


Moving Average Price Action

Trades GBPUSD based on price action near moving averages - Strategy identifies potential trends and reversals moves.


Profit from autotrading our Forex strategies

Ultra fast cloning of trades from profitable trading strategies in the Phibase portfolio. You can now autotrade directly on your MT4 on any broker of your choice.

All the Phibase strategies are run on our dedicated server and trading signals are pushed instantly to your MT4 through an always 'on' web socket technology. Trade cloning ensures identical trades across brokers.

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About us

Phibase Technologies is one of the most respected developers of Expert Advisors in the Forex trading community. At Phibase, we value honesty-professionalism at every level and work towards making automated trading successful for our members. PhiBase also provides members with regular technical reports based on important events or additional information which would help them understand the trading system better. PhiBase has one of the best customer support in the industry.

We believe that developing a good product is just one part of the success story - Building customer confidence in the trading system is among our top priorities. Our product websites present the detailed strategy test reports, live forward tests, statistical analysis, complete description of trading strategy built into the system. We continue providing useful additional information to our members by publishing periodic technical reports on various topics.

All PhiBase products are backed by our world class support center. PhiBase HelpDesk responds to emails from any part of the globe within 6 hours. All three aspects and our customer centric business model goes into making Phibase Technologies as one of the most reliable Forex EA developers in the world.

Phibase Automated Trading : Features

Phibase aims to develop autmated trading software that empowers retail traders to be profitable while ensuring that safety of capital. The following features are common to all our strategies.

MT4 Exper Advisors

Phibase MT4 EA is one of the most robust and time tested autotrading trading platform available for trading. Phibase EAs are currently running on over 4000 member accounts and is 100% safe.

Easy Setup

All Phibase EA's are easy to setup and get started. All default parameters are recommended by default and used on reference accounts. There is no need for parameters to be optimized by trader.

Proven Performance

Phibase EAs are in live trading for over five years and have MyFxBook fully verified live performance track records. All our EAs are run by third party to simulate real world trading conditions.

Well defined drawdowns

High quality tickdata strategy tests and advanced technical analysis provide well defined maximum drawdown levels for each strategy which enables traders to set risk as per their risk appetite.


All Phibase strategies have positive risk:reward and follow the golden rules of trading. Phibase team is dedicated to improving all strategies based on extensive research and development.

24x7 Support

All PhiBase products are backed by our world class support center. PhiBase HelpDesk responds to emails from any part of the globe within 6 hours and is available 24x7 by email and chat by appointment.

Phibase Trading Results

All Phibase EAs have individual official reference trading accounts run by third party tester - All our tests are run on default recommended parameters.

Phibase Portfolio

Start Date : April 2013.



Start Date : Feb 2018


Start Date : Feb 2016


Start Date : August 2013


Start Date : April 2013. Trading paused since Dec 2018.

Trading will be resumed after BREXIT uncertainity reduces and price action improves




Forex Pairs




Live Trades


Pips Gained


Pips Per Month


Trades Per Month


Max. Drawdown

Phibase Blog Posts

Traders choose automated trading to enable them to trade logically as per rules. Phibase team takes every possible step to keep emotion, fear, greed and gut feeling out of its trading strategies. We try our best to base all our trading decisions, logic and rules on statistical technical facts. Our blog posts contains additional information that empowers traders to successfully autotrade the Phibase strategies.

You can find more information on Forex trading, brokers and strategy analysis methods at Forex InfoBook , ForexGermany and BabyPips .

Detailed third party review and data analysis of iProfit HFT trading history and future potential is available at : Forex InfoBook Review Page : iProfit HFT MT4 EA.

Is it possible to trade JPY pairs safely?

INDEX trades GBPJPY with R/R close to 1:3 and large gainers are seen regularly with intermediate small losing phases. On an average large gainers (>250 pips) are seen about 5 times per year. Since March 2018, INDEX has has 4 large gains (+228, +243, +439, +615). The last trade went on to hit the TP of 600 pips with some positive slippage. SL losses are always maintained at -100 pips and most trades are closed for smaller losses when trade direction is no longer in line with the the entry conditions.

ForexSignalPort : Under-the-Hood Look at Trade Cloning

In this post, we attempt to address the concern of traders have with regard to using FSP Cloner EA and any associated client-server time delay in trade execution. FSP is considered to be a very fast cloner of Phibase trades with average time delay less than 6 secs. To explain trading gap needs a bit of under the hood information on what goes on during order execution.

Is it risky to trade Forex during holiday season?

There is no statistical significance of Phibase EA trades made during the holiday season. Historically, the performance metrics (wins/losses) are very similar to regular trading days. No significant drawdowns are associated with the holiday sessions over the 6 years live trading and over 12 years of backtest period.