Awesome Features

RayBot is not just yet another Forex Robot. This is a product of years of research in to developing a perfect trading strategy that is safe, robust and profitable at the same time.

  • Trading Logic

    RayBOT Trades price swings between Support/Resistances. RayBOT is a frequent trader making about 5 to 10 trades per week on each symbol.

  • Automatic Optimization

    Optimization parameters updated automatically by EA from the server. Critical parameter optimization and testing done on monthly basis by our R&D.

  • Profitability

    Potential to gain about 10% per month using recommended risk. CAGR of over 60%. Trading multiple currency pairs ensures steady gain in equity.

  • Drawdown

    Max drawdown seen in backtests is less than 25% (<800 pips) over 9 years. With automatic optimization feature, drawdowns will be much lower and shorter.

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  • Trade Management

    Professionally designed to cut losses early and allow good trades run to maximize gains. Non Grid/Non Martingale system. NFA/FIFO compatiable.

  • Strategy Tests

    High quality tickData strategy tests from 2007-2015. Robustness tested using different pairs proving RayBOT can handle any kind of price action.

  • Win Rate/Risk:Reward

    Positive risk reward with win rate of above 57%. Average stoploss size is about 35 pips only. RayBOT cuts losses early and lets winners run.

  • Broker Independent

    The EA can be run on any broker and any account type. Trades will be similar across all brokers. Higher gains on brokers with lower spreads.

Understanding RayBOT

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See how it Works

RayBOT has an advanced trading logic that trades swings near support/resitance levels. A highly dynamic trade management module takes over once a trade is triggered. RayBOT immediately calculates the ideal stoploss level/target price and sets them on the broker side for protecting the trades. The trade is managed using hidden stoploss and targets. RayBOT uses broker side trailing stoploss in case it finds the volatality to be higher than normal. Average stoploss size of just 35 pips. The stoploss level is determined based on current volatality level and is usually limited to 65 pips. Extereme volatality (like periods seen during financial melt down) is handled by setting stoploss at a maximum of 200 pips. Winning trades are allowed to run to the full potential. Trades are usually closed when trend loses strength or at first sign of reversal. The system relies on a positive risk:reward with a success rate above 50%.

You can watch the trading video below to see how the EA trades.

RayBOT Licensing Options

RayBOT is available available as monthly/semi-annual/annual subscriptions or as a lifetime license.

Monthly Subscription


  • 2 real accounts
  • 2 demo accounts
  • Auto Optimization
  • 30 Day Money Back
Semi-Annual Subscription

$150/6 months

  • 2 real accounts
  • 2 demo accounts
  • Auto Optimization
  • 30 Day Money Back
Annual Subscription


  • 2 real accounts
  • 2 demo accounts
  • Auto Optimization
  • 30 Day Money Back

$595 + renewal fee $65/year

  • 2 real accounts
  • 2 demo accounts
  • Auto Optimization
  • 30 Day Money Back

Strategy Test Reports

All strategy tests have been conducted using high quality dukascopy tick data (every tick). All tests have been carried out with a spread of 2 pips.

    EURUSD 2007 to 2015 : Fixed Lots


    EURUSD 2007 to 2015 : Risk 5


    EURUSD 2007 to 2015 : Risk 7


    EURUSD 2007 to 2015 : Risk 10


    AUDUSD 2007 to 2015 : Fixed Lots


    AUDUSD 2007 to 2015 : Risk 7


    USDCAD 2007 to 2015 : Fixed Lots


    USDCAD 2007 to 2015 : Risk 7


    EURUSD+AUDUSD+USDCAD 2011 to 2015 : Portfolio Report with Risk 7


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